If you are a piano, voice or instrumental teacher, you absolutely must have Lucy Chu’s fabulous materials and accessories in your studio. They are high-quality products, durable, easy-to-read, easy-to-understand, and the students learn so much through using them. I have utilized so many of Lucy’s materials over the years, and I highly recommend them to all. You are a treasure, Lucy Chu!

—Melody Bober
Teacher, Composer, Clinician, Alfred Music Publishing

The teachers and students in the USU Youth Conservatory are loving the creative, and well-made E-Z Note activities and games. They work equally well in private and group lesson settings. Thanks for your creative contributions to music education, Lucy!

—Kevin Olson
Composer/Arranger, FJH Music Company, Inc.

We have found E-Z Notes to be a wonderfully effective tool for the private or class lesson. What could be better than having fun while learning the basics? Hats off to Lucy Chu!

—Nancy & Randall Faber
Composers, Piano Adventures®
Hal Leonard Publishing

I switched to online teaching as many of us did – abruptly and with minimal technology. Most of my students are young beginners and the visual tools have made a huge difference in my ability to communicate via a small screen. I use my piano to demonstrate, but the follow through and retention checks happen with the E-Z Notes magnetic staff board and keyboard stickers. Thanks so much for these easy-to-use tools!

—Lauren H.
Independent Teacher – NC

I love using the E-Z Read Primer sight reading flashcards with my students, and especially now as I’ve moved lessons to online. These large flashcards work amazingly when held up to my camera and students can clearly see the notes to sight read. What a great way to review intervals and sight reading!

—Glenda H.
Independent Teacher – WI

I love all of the teaching aids that Lucy Chu has created for E-Z Notes! Her many years of teaching piano to all levels of students, along with her own creativity have resulted in a wealth of products that will benefit teachers and students alike. You will be delighted with the quick turn-around on orders that you place, and your students will be captivated by the many musical games and instructional materials that make learning exciting and fun.

—Dennis Alexander
Composer/Clinician, Alfred Music Publishing Co., Inc.

I have found the E-Z Scale Blocks to be a wonderful teaching tool in my studio. Using them is a simple way to teach scales and then the circle of fifths to even quite young students. They love flipping the blocks around to make the next scale and adding the proper accidental. These blocks can be used to teach relationships between major and relative minor scales, different forms of the minor scales, parallel major and minor scales, as well as chords and their inversions. The visualization makes concepts very clear, and it’s also fun for teacher and student.

—Nancy Bachus
Teacher/Clinician, Alfred Music Publishing Co., Inc.

Two “thumbs up” for Lucy Chu’s E-Z Notes magnetic boards! My students gain such pleasure from using them and also learn so much. They are a wonderful asset to my teaching.

—Mary Craig Powell
Suzuki Teacher Trainer

E-Z Notes Magnetic Boards are a must for every studio. I am able to isolate trouble spots from the students’ pieces to these boards – especially young students with reading difficulties. I use the board everyday in my teaching. It’s the best teaching aid I own!

—Fay Adams
Suzuki Teacher & Professor, University of TN – Knoxville

The keyboard stickers are helpful for primarily finger placement for my younger ones and also teaching chords and intervals. I had been using the larger one I had purchased from E-Z Notes, but the smaller one with Zoom lessons works even better!

—Lucia E.
Independent Teacher – FL