E-Z Music Tiles
E-Z Music Tiles

24 pc. coated wooden tiles (exact size of piano keys) shown on plastic keyboard (not included)

  • 12 treble & 12 bass color-coded staff tiles
  • Can be used with E-Z read card games
  • Includes dry-erasable marker to write-on-wipe-off
  • Eight tiles are printed with key-notes (treble G, bass F, etc.) the others are blank to use dry-erasable marker write-on-wipe-off.

Staff Rubber Stamp
E-Z Staff Rubber Stamp image 1
thumbnail of E-Z Staff Rubber Stamp
thumbnail of E-Z Staff Rubber Stamp - examples
thumbnail of E-Z Staff Rubber Stamp - examples

Make your own 1.25" x 4" music staff on index card or note book with this handy rubber stamp. Inkpad and index cards not included.

E-Z Read Card Games
E-Z Read Card Games

The kit includes:

  • 40 full-size laminated playing cards
  • Instructions for group games and solitaire

Play the musical versions of Crazy Eights, Gin Rummy, and other card games. Fun and exciting!

E-Z Tote Bag
E-Z Tote Bag

Hold all your E-Z music accessories in this strong and useful tote. Durable, weather-proof bag with inner pocket, snap closure, nylon straps. Color: khaki with black & red E-Z Notes logo.

(13" L x 16" H x 3" W)

Transparent Removeable Highlighter Tape
$3.95 per roll
Transparent Removeable Highlighter Tape

See through it! Write on it! Remove it! Works like a highlighting marker. Ideal for temporary highlighting of music. Available in 6 colors: Yellow, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Blue.

Cross-stitch Piano Cover
Cross-stitch Piano Cover

Cover your piano keyboard in style! This exquisite quality fabric cover with a handmade cross-stitch keyboard design will keep dust off your piano keys.

Electronic Metronome
Electronic Metronome

This LED pendulum motion metronome by Wittner of Germany combines the advantages of a traditional metronome with electronic features.

  • 8 LEDs simulate the motion of a pendulum's swing
  • Synchronized clave beat with chime accent beat
  • 6 different beat settings
  • 40 note variable sound generator for tuning

Electronic Timer
Electronic Timer

This 3 in 1 electronic clock, timer, and stopwatch is most useful for timing lessons and practices, and calculating the length of performance pieces. Also handy for sports, in the kitchen, parking meters, and countless other everyday uses.

  • Portable - stands on desk or attaches with magnet to surface
  • 36" long strap to hang around neck
  • Large, easy to read digital display
  • Memory recalls last countdown time